Toner for Photocopiers

The toner for a photocopier is something you need to have on hand at all times. And while this fluid doesn't seem to be made out of gold, the price sure seems to make you wonder otherwise. But before you try to sift through the black sludge, you need to know that toner for photocopiers can be managed in a more efficient way. Though the price might be high and there is nothing you can do about it, you can make that toner last a longer period of time than you thought possible. Keep the toner company from profiting off you too much, you know?

Trimming Costs of Toner for Photocopiers

The first way you can reduce photocopier repairs and the use of the toner in your office or home is to simply make fewer copiers. Instead of trying to copy anything and everything you need to copy, it's best to copy only those items which are crucial. This way, you are conserving your supply and helping to cut costs. Look for ways to examine documents without copying them - or ask another office to do the copying for you. There's nothing wrong with making someone else foot the bill.

The next way to reduce costs of toner for photocopiers is to look into decreasing the image quality of your copies. Often, you have several options for copies - draft, normal, and high quality are some basic names for them. Draft uses the least amount of toner because the copies aren't as dark or as sharp as they might need to be. This should become your default position when it comes to making copies. In this way, you will be able to only use the maximum amount of copy fluid when it really matters.

More Ways to Save Money on Toner for Photocopiers

Shaking the toner drum is another way to extend the life of your toner in a copier. Though the photocopier might try to tell you it's 'out' of toner, chances are good that the level is simply low. You might be able to get another 100 copies out of the photocopier before it actually needs to be refilled. Simply take your time to shake the toner drum (carefully) and see if that makes a difference.

You might also be able to save money on copier toner if you buy it in bulk or from online retailers. Since the competition is so fierce online, chances are good you will find a better price online than the local office supply store is offering./

No matter how many copies you need to make in a week, toner for photocopiers is an expensive purchase. So, it might also be a good idea to lock down the photocopier at night to make sure your employees aren't making 1000 copies of the latest sports scores to pass the time when you're not in the office.