Photocopier Repairs

It's a long running joke that if you need to make a photocopy of something extremely important, it will invariably cause the photocopier to break midway through. And the photocopier will eat your paper and your lunch and the new guy in accounting. Since photocopiers are such complicated pieces of machinery, they have a lot of parts that can stop working - much to your dismay. And while this might seem like something you just to deal with, there are ways to manage photocopier repairs and to make your life less stress-filled. Well, at least in terms of whether you can rely on your photocopier.

When to Call for Photocopier Repairs

If you have a paper jam, this is not the time to call for photocopier repairs. It's the truth. You can handle a paper jam if you just look to see what the photocopier is telling you. No, it won't whisper at you, but the newer versions do have electronic instructions whenever something goes wrong. It will tell you where the paper jam is which will help you get to the right place. From there, all you need to do is to pull the paper out and things should be fine. If the photocopier isn't' telling you what to do, you might want to do something really unexpected - go to where the paper is. It makes sense that if the paper is jammed, it's not jammed in the top part or in the printing toner loading area. It's jammed in a place where the paper normally goes - it just headed the wrong way. Try to follow the paper from the loading tray to the finished tray to find out where you need to pull out the paper to correct the jam.

But when the photocopier isn't turning on or the toner isn't working right, you need to call in professional help. Often, you can simply talk to someone on the phone, but if things seem stickier than the customer service rep can handle, you will need to wait for the photocopier repair person to arrive. It might take a while, though.

Who Can Handle Photocopier Repairs?

In minor situations, you can fix the toner for photocopiers and other minor issues. Just seek out the owner's manual for the copier and start following the directions. But if things are more difficult, you need to look into professional help. It is best to use a service person from the company which produced the copier, but in a pinch, there are other photocopier repair services available for general copier troubles.